Our Pet Vaccine Packages

Our comprehensive packages grow with your pet.


Kitten Vaccine Packages

Vaccines and boosters for specially formulated to keep kittens thriving.

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Cat Vaccine Packages

Our packages for adult cats at any age are created with longevity in mind.

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Puppy Vaccine Packages

Puppies need special vaccines and routine care to get them on the right track.

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Dog Vaccine Packages

Adult dogs have needs that we address in our packages for dogs of all ages.

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Important Vaccine Information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these the only packages?

No. We offer a wide range of treatment packages for a variety of symptoms and diseases. However, each treatment solution is customized for your pet’s individual needs. To learn more about our other treatments or to get a specific quote from us, just contact a location near you. See the Our Approach page for common reasons to bring in your pet.

What if I only want a checkup?

THRIVE offers a complete nose-to-tail exam for just $. Our comprehensive exam fee represents a great value that we are proud to offer.

Why are multiple booster vaccines necessary for my puppy?

Young puppies (6-8 weeks) generally have maternal antibodies that block their immune system from responding to vaccines. These antibodies protect these young puppies from bacterial and viral disease. As puppies reach 6-8 weeks of age their maternal antibody levels decline leaving them at risk for developing illness.

THRIVE veterinarians administer vaccines every three to four weeks from 6-8 weeks of age to 14-16 weeks of age. This increases the chance, that as maternal protections wane, your dog’s immune system will be activated and leave them less likely to contract serious diseases we vaccinate against.

What do our customers say about THRIVE?

Jeles Heartso 2 months ago

I have brought both of my dogs to THRIVE in Lakewood & the staff there is incredible. They were very professional, patient & more than happy to answer all of our questions (which was a lot) while giving us some great advice. They genuinely seem to care for the pets they see. I always receive a check up call the following day which I greatly appreciate. The prices are also pretty affordable as well. My fiancé & I will definitely be returning to THRIVE for our dogs future needs!

Sophia Thye 2 months ago

We took our cat, Brujo, in to get him looked at for some worms. This place was a life saver. I was able to make an appointment the same day which was great since I have 2 jobs and getting time off is difficult for me. Staff was wonderful: friendly, empathetic, and knowledgeable. Props to the woman on the phone, Dr. Elizabeth, and the red haired vet tech, they were all wonderful. Prices were much cheaper than other vets. I don't know what we would have done without them. I felt like my cat baby was in great hands. Thanks so much! (Brujo loved the staff as well, he was purring like a motor the whole time)

Tabatha B 3 months ago

By far one of the best places I have taken my dog to! I was so extremely nervous because this is the first time I had to leave my dog for surgery! I was also nervous because when I initially took her in, I knew she needed to have dental work done on her teeth. They asked if I would schedule a check up/consolation, which I did, everyone was great on that visit and they gave me a ball park estimate of a high range and a low range. It was questionable because even the range in price wasn't that bad. I had taken my dog other places to get quotes and THRIVE's high end for my particular quote was what other vets charge for just blood work and anesthesia, I thought is she going to get good care for such a low rate? Fast forward to her appointment date, I brought her in, and I was scared and I know Pumpkin was scared, but the staff was extremely friendly and nice, that early in the morning ;)!!! When the time came to pick Pumpkin up I was so pleased with how much information they provided me with for her take home care. Everything was spelled out and easy to understand. The staff talked with me about other questions I had and even though I knew they were trying to close didn't rush me out the door. Everyone here was so Wonderful and I can't thank them enough! I am so glad that Pumpkin is on the mend and also happy that this didn't break the bank.

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