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May 1 - June 30

15% Off Ear Cleaners and Dermatological Shampoos

Is your pet scratching their ears or shaking their head? Are they itchy or losing hair? Find out why and get your pet treated so they can continue to THRIVE!

  • Physical examination required for diagnosis and/or treatment options
  • Fees apply for additional services, blood work, tests and/or medications requested
  • Valid for single use only
  • Only pets who are currently enrolled in THRIVE PLUS™

February 1 - March 31

Save an additional $50 on Dentals

Great pet health begins in the mouth. Even though it's completely preventable, periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition in cats and dogs.

  • Based on Veterinarian recommendation
  • Fees apply for additional services, blood work, exam fee, dental extractions, advanced dental disease, tests and/or medications requested.
  • Appointment required for pre-surgical exam and pre-anesthetic blood work.
  • Valid for pets from 1 to 10 years old
  • Appointment for dental cleaning cannot be booked online ahead of time, must call to book.
  • Only pets who are currently enrolled in THRIVE PLUS™

September 1 - 30

Save an additional $25 on Adult or Senior Wellness Blood Profile.

Routine diagnostics can provide clues to problems before external symptoms arise. Pets may be hiding problems and go months without showing symptoms.

  • For well pets, recent exam required by your THRIVE veterinarian. Same day results not available.
  • Results delivered via phone or email once received.
  • Veterinarian consult may be recommended to discuss results.
  • For sick pets, veterinarian will provide specific details
  • Only pets who are currently enrolled in THRIVE PLUS™

November 1 - 30

Save an additional $10 on Joint Specific Radiology

Osteoarthritis affects nearly 1/4th of all pets. There are ways to help our pets alleviate discomfort that may be associated with joint pain.

  • Wellness exam required by your THRIVE veterinarian.
  • Based on Veterinarian recommendation
  • Any in-house joint radiology x-ray
  • Excludes Breed Certifications
  • Only pets who are currently enrolled in THRIVE PLUS™

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a monthly or annual membership?

This membership is intended to lower the cost of pet care over the course of the pet's life. The month of membership is paid up front and will automatically renew each month until canceled.

How many pets can I put under one plan?

The membership plan is per pet, and can only be owned by one pet, and is not transferable.

Can I sign my pet up online?

Yes! You may sign up your pet here.

Is this program insurance?

No. This is a membership-based pet health and wellness program specifically related to examination fees, and discounts on veterinary services. It can be a complement to insurance to reduce out of pocket expenses per visit.

What about my parrot or snake?

This program is designed for only cats and dogs.

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