THRIVE PLUS™ Membership

We've prepared an amazing membership program for you and your pet(s) in mind — enroll your pet into THRIVE PLUS™ Membership to gain access to the incredible benefits listed below:

THRIVE PLUS Membership

Our Benefits Include:

Unlimited Pet Exams

Enjoy peace of mind with unlimited comprehensive nose-to-tail pet exams at any THRIVE.

10% Off Services

Enjoy 10% off all pet services during membership. That means 10% more treats in your pocket.

10% off all dog training at Petco.

10% Off Petco Dog Training

Sit Bubu, Sit! Enjoy 10% Off all Dog Training at your local Petco.

10% off Grooming at your local Petco.

10% Off Petco Dog Grooming

VIPs always have the best hair. Our members enjoy 10% off Dog Grooming at your local Petco.

FREE Shipping

Set it and forget it. All your pet medications, shipped to your door, for FREE, all year round.

Free gift VIP tag for your pet.


Who doesn't like presents? Our members will be outfitted with a handsome VIP (Very Important Pet) tag to go around their collar.

THRIVE PLUS™ Membership


*3-Month Minimum. Membership is per pet.
Monthly membership is part of our Membership Terms of Agreement.

We believe THRIVE PLUS™ Membership is perfect for everyone's plus one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a monthly or annual membership?

This membership is intended to lower the cost of pet care over the course of the pet's life. The month of membership is paid up front and will automatically renew each month until canceled.

How many pets can I put under one plan?

The membership plan is per pet, and can only be owned by one pet, and is not transferable.

Can I sign my pet up online?

Not at the moment. However this will be available soon.

Is this program insurance?

No. This is a membership-based pet health and wellness program specifically related to examination fees, discounts on veterinary services, and shipping on qualifying shippable veterinary products. It can be a complement to insurance to reduce out of pocket expenses per visit.

What about my parrot or snake?

This program is built for only cats and dogs.

Helping over 25,000 pets receive affordable access to quality veterinary care.

We have reached a major milestone with our THRIVE PLUS™ Membership program. We are helping over 25,000 pets gain unlimited access to our veterinarians to ensure they stay healthy longer.

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See some of our VIPs and learn their story! And don't forget to share your story about your VIP with us!

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THRIVE PLUS Membership

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