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Koral Fisher 4 weeks ago

I absolutely love Thrive vet care, this has become the Vet clinic i prefer to go to over others. For one it's affordable, the $9 monthly membership is worth it if you bring your dog in for at least 1 thing every 3 months compared to other places where they want a $25-$40 co pay. My dog had heart worms and I decided to do the quick kill treatment. Overall I saved $300-$1000 compared to surrounding Vets. Call me biased because of the great service I have personally received but this is the place to go! But i will say the answering service isn't my favorite. Could definitely go without it.

Maria Martinez 5 months ago

I personally have four animals of my own. Two dogs, and two cats that I love dearly. I have spent a few months with this clinic and have seen that every vet tech is genuine with you. The front office receptionist will always be thorough and elaborate on paperwork, and appointments. The vets there will never force you or manipulate the situation by telling you need to test after test when something is wrong with your animal. They are reasonable, their membership plus is an amazing deal, and they will always try to explain the reasons behind all that they do for the health of your animal. This THRIVE location is not only affordable but it is quality service. The staff love on your animals and they are truly so kind every time I go for a check up, an illness, for medication ..... etc. I can’t imagine going anywhere else. They make it so simple for you to keep watch of your fur babies. They give helpful recommendations and it’s not to charge you extra. There are ALWAYS for legitimate problems that you don’t realize your animal has. For instance, once I came in for medication and walked out with the awareness that my cat had ear mites. I was so glad that someone would catch something like that before it would carry to my other cat. And that’s not even what I came there for. This is why I love THRIVE. -Maria Husband and Derek Husband

Jovanna Hernandez a week ago

Took my rescue for her first vet visit and received phenomenal service. Really liked the attention and care for my German Shepard. Dr. Hansen was able to answer all of my questions. We will be back next month!

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