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Chris Ramsey a week ago

Great people and super cheap visits with highly qualified vets. Because it's affordable it always takes a week or longer to get in to see the vet. Also medication prices are a bit high, ask for the prescription when possible and fill it at Costco.

Joni Robinson a month ago

The staff at Thrive are awesome. The have treated Mr. Bo Jangles so well and are so understanding at his issues of an accident. His Doctor even calls to check on him and his meds.....

Pat Markham 4 months ago

I would recommend this place to anyone. They were very pleasant and efficient. I brought my Papillion here to be neutered. I was very nervous cause he’s just a little guy. So I made the appointment to get his shot and see if I felt comfortable enough to have him neutered there. Dr Humphrey was great, she took so much time with him and did a very through exam. There was no rushing. So I had him neutered there and glad I did!!! They called me after his surgery to let me know he was done and doing well. He has recovered so well😄❤️

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