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Our Approach Is Different

Welcome to THRIVE.

Our locations are sparkling new and carefully designed with both you and your pet in mind. Experience a THRIVE near you.

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Why THRIVE Vet Care?

It’s much better for your pet and your pocketbook to prevent significant disease than to treat it. Committing to first-rate, routine veterinary care throughout your pet’s lifetime is the best way to ensure that your pet THRIVES.

That’s why we created THRIVE – to help ensure that your pet gets the ongoing, high quality care they need at the most sensible price. For example, our Nose-to-Tail Pet Exam is starting from $30 .

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Finally, a veterinarian experience that revolves around YOU.

The THRIVE Experience

A Friendly Pet Concierge

Your visit begins when you’re greeted by a compassionate “Pet Concierge,” who has the training and technology to check you in quickly.
(After all, who’s busier than you?)

Quiet, Clean Environment

To make our clinic more pet friendly, we created a soothing environment, free of distractions and noises. Your pet’s sensitive ears won’t have to endure ringing phones, beeping office equipment or other sounds that can make them anxious.

Highly Skilled, Compassionate Team

Your unique experience continues as you enter the examination room and meet your highly skilled veterinary team. To improve accuracy and save time, we view your pet’s medical records and take notes directly onto tablets.

Check out in the Exam Room

Once your pet has been examined and treated—and our team has provided the medical information you need in a way you can understand—you’re able to check out in the privacy and convenience of the examination room with our in-room payment processors.


Our Clinics Save You Money

Over the past decade, the rising costs of veterinary visits have frustrated pet owners. The addition of expensive, specialized tests and equipment for complex surgeries and complicated procedures is at the heart of increasing costs for basic care.

Pet owners with healthy pets are essentially paying more, whether their pets need complex care, or not.


Keep your pet up-to-date with Preventive Care.

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Essential Routine Care

Your pet will THRIVE in our care.
Visit us and see!

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From spays and neuters, our qualified staff can help.

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Don't forget about this important part to your pet's health.

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Read Some of Our Google Reviews

Ashley Still in the last week

My normal vet is closed on the weekends and I was so happy I was able to make a same day appt for my kitty that had an injured leg. Dr. Durand was awesome and thoroughly explained everything they did during the exam, he even took pictures on his phone to show me the X-ray they took since I was not allowed to go back in the exam room. All the vet techs were great and friendly as well as the front desk! Will definitely consider coming back here again, thank you for taking such care of my baby!

Katie Skowronski 2 months ago

Dr. Durand is amazing; I cannot say enough praise for him. I have an Anatolian shepherd mix, a Chihuahua mix, and a kitten. He provides information about their breeds and what I should watch for like no other vet I've ever been to. He has facts to back everything up, as well as recommendations for products and procedures that will improve the quality of my pets' lives and are still cost effective. He is professional, knowledgeable, patient (my small dog can be a little bit of a pain at the vet), and thorough.

Taliysin 2 months ago

I just had to go through the awful experience of saying goodbye to my dog of 15 years, Lilith. Due to the world as it is, I struggled to find her help for a few months until I got a hold of this location. They were so comforting and warm, especially during the worst parts, I cannot give them a higher recommendation. They worked with the timing on the appointments and let my best friend join me, and would have let as many as I needed be with me in that hard time. I also received a card signed by the whole staff wishing me well. It was the most perfect experience I could have asked for My little girls last day. I’m still broken inside but they helped her and me, they will do the same for you.

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