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THRIVE's starting from $38 Nose-To-Tail Pet Exam

A comprehensive look at your pet's health.

We recommend frequent visits for puppies and kittens due to the need for multiple vaccine boosters and their maturing immune system, followed by annual exams for adult animals, and semiannual exams for aging pets.

Our comprehensive nose-to-tail exam is starting from $38 and includes a thorough examination of your pet’s hair, skin, eyes, ears, nose and face, mouth and teeth, breathing patterns, response to stimuli and more.

We check every essential indicator so that you can leave confident that your pet has received a complete check-up and is on the path to a clean bill of health.

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THRIVE Affordable Vet Care Veterinarian Tending To Cat Nose To Tail Exam Our starting from $38 Pet Exam is an easy way to keep your pet healthy.
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    Starting with the Nose

    We look for any sign of illness such as unusual discharge or inflammation around the nose or eyes. The mouth will also be examined.

  2. 2

    Listen to Heart & Lungs

    Trouble here can be indicative of major disease so it’s an important part of the examination process. We also like to feel the abdomen for any signs of distress.

  3. 3

    Skin & Coat

    An overall exam of the skin and hair coat will also be performed as well as an assessment of overall musculoskeletal (muscles and bones) health.

Get your pet the essential care that they need at a price you can afford.

THRIVE isn’t just our name, it’s our goal for pets and pet owners.

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