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Mass Removals

Pets unfortunately tend to develop masses on or inside their skin. When these masses grow, they can sometimes create problems for your pet. Mass removals are intended to remove unwanted or dangerous growths from your pet. The goal of any mass removal is to remove the abnormal tissue so it cannot cause problems either by growing too large, damaging surrounding tissue or spreading to other places inside the body.

Often time we will recommend sending the removed tissue to our lab so our pathologists can look at the growth and determine if surgery was curative or if any other action needs to be taken. Many types of cancers in dogs and cats can be cured simply by being diligent about having your pet's masses examined and removed.

What You Can Do At Home

Frequently examine your pet and take notice of any growth as small as a pea. Scheule to see your veterinarian to be evaluated and tested

Frequently Asked Questions About Mass Removals

Are all masses cancerous?

No. Some masses, just like in humans, are non-cancerous and will not harm your pet. However, to make this determination, you need to see a veterinarian to evaluate the mass.

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