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We believe quality veterinary care should always be affordable. At our San Antonio Petco location, you'll work with our friendly and qualified staff to help your pet thrive.

Servings pets in the neighborhoods of Stanton Run, Creekview Estates, Fieldstone, Braun's Farm, Parkwood and Sierra Vista.

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THRIVE @ Bandera #1445
11398 Bandera Road Suite 403
San Antonio, Texas 78250

P: (210) 468-1229
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Wendy Swenson 3 weeks ago

My husband and I had to make the hard decision to let our Abby girl go and be out of pain. I was really emotional when we arrived. They took us into a room and talked to us about Abby. I had never been through this before and was devestated we couldn't do anything to save her. They were very kind, supportive, and made sure we understood every step of the process. I was able to lay beside her and tell her goodbye and she went peacefully. I was so emotional I had to leave the room after that, and they were very understanding. It was a very hard day but y'all made it a little easier. Thank you so much for helping us ease our Abby girl into peace and be pain free. ❤

Crystal Cunningham 2 months ago

I'm a new pet owner.. I've only had my tabby cat for 2 months.. I didn't know what to expect at our first vet visit.. But at Thrive the ladies were very nice at the front desk. They explained everything they were doing before they treated my pet.. And very AFFORDABLE!!! I think we've found our new vet!

B.O.I Blitz 3 months ago

Thrive is amazing and truly is affordable. So I took my dog here today because he was having trouble urinating. I originally took him to a different vet hospital (GNWAH) where they assumed it to be a UTI. So they prescribed my dog antibiotics and told me if he was still having the problem in a couple days come back. So a week passes and the problem seems to be getting worse. So I call GNWAH to let them know that the problem was still occurring. So the veterinarian who perscribed the antibiotics is now saying she doesn't know what the problem could be and would need to run more tests, such as blood test, urinalysis, and more x rays. Not to mention a urinalysis and x rays were done at the initial visit when she prescribed antibiotics. So I began to talk to my mom about it and she recommended that I go to Thrive instead of GNWAH (I already called to thank her for the great recommendation). I looked them up on Google and found the one on bandera was closest. Booking an appointment online was extremely easy and luckily they had an availability open for the next day so I booked it. Upon arrival I was helped by Kayla she was very very nice and professional and was so kind to my dog "messiah". They took him to the back and began his exam. About 10-15 minutes later I get a call from Kayla explaining that the veterinarian Dr. Stickney wanted to run a urinalysis and xray ( the same exact thing the other veterinarian did, but this time an actual diagnostic instead of a "idk what it could be" and "try this out if it doesn't work in a few days come back") and we proceeded forward with those. I get a call from Dr. Stickney himself this time explaining that my dog had an enlarged prostate. So he went over the available options and explained why he thought neutering Messiah would be the best option. After explaining why, I agreed and we scheduled Messiah surgery for the following week. I was so pleased that Dr. Stickney got to the bottom of my dog's problem so quickly and efficiently. You can tell he sincerely wants to help your pet. When I went to go pick up Messiah the lovely Kayla was there to help me checkout and still had her same nice energy that she had that morning. All around great experience I highly recommend Thrive but I extremely recommend the Thrive on Bandera. Thank you so much Kayla and Dr. Stickney

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