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Pet Got the Itches in Rosenberg?

Find Out Why and Help Alleviate Your Pet's Itchy Skin.

Did you know that our pets get itchy skin and ears when they have allergies in Rosenberg? Their scratching can lead to secondary bacterial and fungal infections resulting in a miserable pet and an unhappy you!

Other common causes of itchy skin in our pets are:

  • Bacterial or Fungal infections
  • Parasites like Fleas, Ticks or Mites
  • Food allergies
  • Pollen, grass, dust mite and other environmental allergies found in Rosenberg

Whether it’s Rosenberg's allergies or bugs, Thrive Pet Healthcare has what you need to get your itchy pet diagnosed and treated so you and your pet are happy in again!

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Carlyn talks about Fleas & Ticks
Meet Carlyn, Max & Loki, from Rosenberg!

Carlyn's pets, Max and Loki, both sometimes get itchy skin. Luckily, they are both Thrive Pet Healthcare PLUS™ Members and visit their Rosenberg veterinarian anytime they get itchy skin to ensure they diagnose the root cause so they can be treated immediately.

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Important Dermatology Information for Pets In Rosenberg, Texas

Watch the video below to learn more about skin issues your pet may be facing.

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Signs of Skin Problems in Pets in Rosenberg, Texas

It’s important to pay attention when your pet exhibits signs of anything related to their coat that is unusual. It may be an external indicator as to an internal issue that’s going on with your pet. Pay attention to the following signs of skin problems:

  • Alopecia (hair loss)
  • Pruritus (extreme itching of the skin)
  • Sores and Hot Spots (red, sticky sores)
  • Dry skin or a dull coat
  • Discoloration of the coat
  • Hives, swelling or rashes
  • Odor / smell

Internal & External Illnesses

Illnesses found both internally and externally may present symptoms of dermatological disease.

Internal External
Food Allergies Fleas & Ticks
Hormonal Imbalances Mange
Nutritional Deficiencies Skin infections
Liver Disease Allergic Skin Disease

Commonly Affected Breeds in Rosenberg

Breeds that are most affected by these skin issues tend to be:

How We Care For the Skin of Your Pets in Rosenberg

Thrive Pet Healthcare PLUS™ MembershipThrive Pet Healthcare PLUS™ Members
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  • Skin Examination
  • Skin Diagnostic Sample Collection
  • Skin Mite Evaluation
  • Skin Bacteria Evaluation
  • Fungal Culture
Non Members
Dermatology Diagnostic Screening Package
  • + Pet Exam starting from $38
  • Skin Examination
  • Skin Diagnostic Sample Collection
  • Skin Mite Evaluation
  • Skin Bacteria Evaluation
  • Fungal Culture

Alleviate your pet from the discomfort of constant itching Rosenberg, Texas.

Thrive Pet Healthcare isn’t just our name, it’s our goal for pets and pet owners alike.

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