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We believe quality veterinary care should always be affordable. At our Houston location, you'll work with our friendly and qualified staff to help your pet thrive.

Serving pets in the neighborhoods of Tanglewood, West Oaks, Uptown, Bellaire, Larchmont and Piney Point Village.

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THRIVE @ Fountainview #T031
1928 Fountainview Drive
Houston, Texas 77057

P: (832) 241-2471
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Dan Stout 3 weeks ago

I’m surprised to see negative reviews about this particular Thrive location, especially recent ones. Maybe they’re for other location? I’ll admit I wasn’t very happy with this location before Dr. C came into the picture. I have 2 aging dogs, one of which (big dog) has cancer (mast cell tumor). The other (small dog) has developed dental disease. Let’s just say I’ve seen way more vets and spent way more money over the last year than I want to. I have learned a LOT about this stuff... I’ve dealt with surgeries at a cancer and surgical center, multiple emergency visits to an emergency center, visits to oncologists, and a LOT of medications. Out of all the places I’ve had to take my dogs, Dr. C has been unquestionably more caring and passionate about my dogs. Her staff as well. Not only that, they’ve gone out of their way to help me save on costs. Unlike other doctors, Dr. C never feels rushed on the phone and always takes whatever time is needed to help me understand every question I ask, even though I’m asking a million of them and I she’s very busy with other patients. She has helped me save money on prescriptions, even though that might mean I buy them elsewhere. All others I’ve seen seem to be reluctant when I tell them I want a prescription written so I can buy elsewhere, which I have come to realize a lot of places make a lot of money on because they mark them up like crazy. She has sent messages after I left to follow up on any info she didn’t have on hand during the visit. She is honest about what she feels comfortable doing and what she’s refer out to a specialist... This office often applies discounts to help out and I can tell you from experience- they do NOT charge anywhere near as much for bloodwork and other testing as the other places I’ve been to. Last week I had my small dog with dental disease go in for tooth extraction and cleaning and the final bill came out LOWER than the “low” estimate (they give you a high and low since they have to put the dog under anesthesia to fully evaluate the dogs mouth). People leaving these negative reviews need to realize dog health care is flat out expensive and it’s not this particular clinic. These guys are great.

Beatriz A in the last week

Great experience with the vets and the techs. My pup is very shy but they make her calm down.

Claire 2 months ago

Doctor and staff are very welcoming and helpful! Doctor remembers details about my cat and always takes her time to chat with me about my concerns for my cat.

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Come see our friendly staff at Fountainview #T031
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