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We believe quality veterinary care should always be affordable. At our Austin Petco location, you'll work with our friendly and qualified staff to help your pet thrive.

Serving pets in the Arboretum, North Austin, Gateway, Cherry Hill Park, Austin Hills, Quarry, and North Burnet.

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THRIVE @ Austin - North #0444
9828 Great Hills Trail
Austin, Texas 78759

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Austin Vet Care @ Metric

12419 Metric Blvd
Austin, TX 78758

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Kat Bodden in the last week

Earlier this year, I was faced with the very difficult decision to euthanize my beloved cat. For those who have experienced this process, you know how heartbreaking it can be. That being said, the staff at THRIVE are extremely compassionate and considerate. Due to the pandemic, many vets would not allow owners to be present during the process, however, THRIVE did. As awful as the experience is, I couldn't have asked for better. The staff even sent me a sympathy card. Cannot thank them enough.

Allie Christy 4 months ago

Back in February I brought in Vervain, a rescue puppy that had started with a hard life. She was infested with mites, full of worms, and needed so much help. She was balding, covered in bleeding sores, and was uncomfortable with pain. Thrive came to her rescue with more compassion and expertise then I could have expected. Some of the family-like staff I would like to acknowledge consisted of a caring Dr. Simpson and always helpful technician named Mercedes. There were many involved in being so helpful and patient with my sometimes impatient questions and concerns. She needed many different tests, medications and treatments but with all of their efforts; today Vervain is a new dog. She has all of her hair back, tons of esteem back, and is a playful healthy puppy once again! I can’t thank them enough for taking care of my family! Attached are some before and after photos to see the amazing transformation from start to finish of her treatment journey. Thrive will be her vet for life!!!

kelsey lammons in the last week

I love this Thrive location. The care team genuinely cares for me as a pet owner and about my 5 pound Chihuahua, who is very nervous about going to the vet. Due to COVID, I wasn't able to go in with her when she got her most recent vaccinations, but I could tell she got great care when she came out by her demeanor (even though she got stuck by needles!)

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