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We believe quality veterinary care should always be affordable. At our Huntersville Petco location, you'll work with our friendly and qualified staff to help your pet thrive.

Serving the areas of Huntersville, Hopewell and Caldwell. Conveniently located at your neighborhood Petco near the intersection of Statesville Road and Sam Furr Road.

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THRIVE @ Huntersville #2769
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Dr. Tori Knox a week ago

I previously did a review when we first brought my goldendoodle Bella to Thrive. It wasn't the best initially. I always believe that experiences can change. Its important not to report only the bad, but the good also. After Bella was hit by a car she got surgery at Thrive. The home care instructions were great and Dr. Rice was very thorough with contacting us and navigating us through what to expect for Bella. Bella's stitches came out after a few days due to her activity of running down the stairs and trying to get out of her crate. Dr. Rice took care of Bella again. The staff was friendly and the doctor was very kind and offered a new solution that would work for Bella's healing. Thank you for giving us a new narrative Thrive and Dr. Rice. It feels great to have excellent care for Bella at an affordable cost.

Mary Melton 2 months ago

When we moved from Atlanta and away from our affordable vet, we depended on a vaccine only vet in the area. After we adopted our puppy, Jolene, we wanted to get her checked out right away and found Thrive. They have been phenomenal since the beginning! The wait to get an appointment can be a little long, but they are always great at checking and getting back to you. The main vet number does route to an answering service, but the staff at Huntersville always gets back in touch with me ASAP. I lost my dog's medication in the store and they searched the whole store twice then sent it to me. I am grateful for their kindness, professional, and amazing customer service. We will be taking our other 2 there as well. I'm so glad they are the vet we have been looking for! With 3 rescues, it can get costly for vet care. We highly recommend Thrive!

Doug Crusan 3 months ago

This is by far one of the best vet clinics or urgent cares I have ever gone to in my 30 years of experience in owning a pet. The staff was just out of this world I almost had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't imagining how good everything was going. They took care of my Blue he had a limp and they did everything they could to help him. On top of all this the final bill was WAY cheaper then what I was being charged by one of their competitors I live roughly 45 minutes from this place but I will most definitely be returning as a permanent customer. Again thank you to everyone and thank you for making it so comforting.

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