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We believe quality veterinary care should always be affordable. At our Omaha Petco location, you'll work with our friendly and qualified staff to help your pet thrive.

Located in the L Street Market Place, serving pets in the neighborhoods of Old Millard East, Disney, Rockbrook, Oakdale and Harvey Oaks.

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THRIVE @ Omaha L Street #1680
12410 K Plaza
Omaha, Nebraska 68137

P: (531) 600-3565
F: (531) 600-3523

Come see our animal hospital and let us meet your best friend. We can't wait to help them THRIVE.

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Your pet will THRIVE in our care.
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From spays and neuters, our qualified staff can help.

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Dermatology for Animals Omaha

2905 S. 108th St., Suite #1
Omaha, NE 68144

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Ryan Heald in the last week

Great experience, Same Day appointment, really asked took my concerns to heart and told me the best plan for my dog. Great price, Even better customer service. Was recommended but a friend will definitely be returning and recommending to others. Also the pet care plan they have is $10 a month but unlimited check ups and discounts on medication. Saved $55 on my first visit well worth the $10.

Jenna Bral in the last week

I love the Vet at Thrive and the staff! They have been so helpful and treat my cats so well. They are knowledgeable and very helpful. I trust their advice. Also, they are affordable without sacrificing care. I love it. Also, they have a very convenient app I can track my pets medications, vaccines, when they are due, weight etc- and I can easily schedule through the app. Thank you so much Thrive!

Alyssa McKee a month ago

First timer at THRIVE and my goodness, I don’t even know where to begin. My dog, Winnie, gets very anxious around other people but he just adored the vet tech right off the bat. He seemed comfortable with them and they were so sweet to my boy. We went in for vaccines/wellness check and paid a reasonable amount for it! If you’re in search for a good vet to take your fur babies to, I would HIGHLY recommend taking them here. I certainly look forward to taking my babies here in the future :)

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Come see our friendly staff at Omaha L Street #1680
for a $38 Nose-To-Tail Pet Exam.