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Thrive Pet Healthcare offers quality preventive flea and tick medications in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that protect your pets from the discomfort, irritation and potential health risks of fleas and ticks.

Your pet gets fleas from being outdoors in Louisiana, or from other animals that share the same indoor spaces. Did you know that the fleas that you see on your pet are only 5% of the problem? The other 95% are flea eggs, larvae, and pupae that are in and around the areas that your pet stays, like your carpets and furniture.

Your pet can get ticks from wooded areas or places where the grass is tall. Ticks can spread serious diseases to your pet and your family, so it’s important to prevent them from attaching to your pet.

Bring your pet to your local Baton Rouge, Louisiana Thrive Pet Healthcare to have one of our friendly veterinarians examine your pet and recommend the best preventative.

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Carlyn talks about Fleas & Ticks
Meet Carlyn, Max & Loki

Carlyn's pets, Max and Loki, are both active and playful pets, and they want all pet owners to know the importance of protecting pets in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Learn more about preventing fleas and ticks that can be dangerous and cause discomfort in your pets.

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Important Flea & Tick Information for Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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