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We believe quality veterinary care should always be affordable. At our Decatur location, you'll work with our friendly and qualified staff to help your pet THRIVE.

Conveniently located off of Church Street and North Decatur Road. Serving the Decatur Heights, Medlock Park, Greater Valley Brook, and Great Lakes neighborhoods.

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THRIVE @ Decatur #T015

1605 Church Street
Suite 670
Decatur, Georgia 30033

P:  470-329-7382

Come see us and let us meet your best friend. We can't wait to help them THRIVE.

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Your pet will THRIVE in our care.
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From spays and neuters, our qualified staff can help.

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Don't forget about this important part to your pet's health.

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Contact Christine to begin discussing your veterinarian career with THRIVE. Christine focuses on finding amazing veterinary talent for the state of Georgia.

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Melanie Vance a week ago

I went to Thrive today for both of my dogs’ annual check ups with vaccines (two separate appointments because my dogs have no chill when they are together lol). I made one appointment online and it only took 2-3 minutes total, and the other one I made when I finished my first dog’s appointment. The waiting area is clean and calm. Everyone was really friendly! While I was there I saw that they also have an app for making appointments, keeping vaccine records, etc. I downloaded it and I was able to see/download my dogs’ info right away. That’s pretty cool!

Will T. 2 months ago

My girlfriend and I love cats and were so excited when we found a tiny kitten outside our house. It has been years since either of us had a kitten, so we came to Thrive with a lot of questions! The technician Hannah listened to our concerns patiently, and Dr V got onto the floor with our kitten. The whole experience was amazing, the space was clean, and all of the staff had smiles on their faces. We will definitely recommend this place!

Jesse Blondin 2 weeks ago

They're super friendly here, it's nice that you can get a quote of what things will cost, and even given options before you commit to anything. Sadly my kitty couldn't be saved but it was so sweet that they sent me a card, and also helped me locate where she could be put to sleep. The facilities are nice, clean, and simple.

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