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We believe quality veterinary care should always be affordable. At our Alpharetta location, you'll work with our friendly and qualified staff to help your pet thrive.

Conveniently located in the Saddle Brook Shopping Center, serving pets of the Timberlane, The Gates, The Orchards, Cameron Crest and Hunters Close neighborhoods.

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Thrive Pet Healthcare @ Alpharetta #T043
10945 State Bridge Road Suite 503
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022

P: (770) 796-0330
F: (770) 874-4121

Come see our animal hospital and let us meet your best friend. We can't wait to help them Thrive Pet Healthcare.

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Cheryl Thomas a year ago

Best veterinary services around...I couldn't be happier!

William Folker 2 weeks ago

My girlfriend and I have honestly had some pretty bad experiences with Thrive. Our cat can be on the difficult side of things when he's put in unfamiliar circumstances, such as being at the vet. When we've visited we've tried to advise the vets not to cover his head, and if possible to allow us to be in the room to assist and comfort our 14 year old cat. In the past we've been mostly shrugged off which has lead to our cat being treated like a wild animal because, lets face it, cats can be dangerous. Upon going this particular time we worked with Dr. Madeline Song who listened to and worked with us. She and the assisting tech were phenomenal in allowing us to assist and keep our cat as calm as possible through some tests that were surely aggravating to him. This really allowed us to get accurate information to try to make informed decisions about his health and what our next steps for treatment are. Thank you SO MUCH Dr. Song and Tech.

Alexys Brooks 2 months ago

They are so nice and informative.but the best part… they are sweet and attentive to my kizzy and so affordable. Love them!

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Come see our friendly staff at Alpharetta #T043
for a $38 Nose-To-Tail Pet Exam.