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We believe quality veterinary care should always be affordable. At our Escondido Petco location, you'll work with our friendly and qualified staff to help your pet THRIVE.

Conveniently located to serve pets in Escondido, South Boulevard, Vineyard, Hidden Hills, Felicita and West Ridge areas.

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THRIVE @ Escondido, California #596

1000 West Valley Pkwy
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P: (760) 670-4452

Come see us and let us meet your best friend. We can't wait to help them THRIVE.

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Sickness & Injury

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Keep your pet up-to-date with Preventive Care.

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Essential Routine Care

Your pet will THRIVE in our care.
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From spays and neuters, our qualified staff can help.

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Don't forget about this important part to your pet's health.

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Paola Schick in the last week

Take good care of both my fur babies. And they don't do hard sell or up sell. Just great care.

Murray Moran 9 months ago

This vet is awesome!!! They are great to deal with. All staff is friendly, from the person at the from desk to the techs to the vets. They always take their time talking to you, they don't rush to get you out to get to the next client. Their prices are better than anywhere I have ever seen. And they only do tests that are needed, instead of some vets that say "let's do this and this and this and this, and maybe we'll be able to tell what's wrong." They seem to truly care about animals, which is the opposite to some vets that just want to put as much on your bill as possible. This is the best vet. I recommend them to all my pet owning friends, and I will definitely be using them exclusively for all my pet needs.

Tamera Sawyer 7 months ago

I would recommend Vetco to anyone who wants a vet that truly cares for animals. Their prices also cannot be beat! Everything is always explained thoroughly and thoughtfully! I feel confident that all procedures and medications will be explained truthfully and honestly, never prescribing something unnecessary! They even come up with solutions to save money, such as ordering through Amazon, etc

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