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We believe quality veterinary care should always be affordable. At our Atlanta location, you'll work with our friendly and qualified staff to help your pet THRIVE.

Conveniently located at Northside Drive and 17th St NW just near Ikea in Midtown Atlanta. Serving Loring Heights, Berkeley Park, Atlantic Station, Blandtown, Knight Park and Howell Station neighborhoods.

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THRIVE @ Midtown Atlanta, Georgia - Now Open

1299 Northside Dr Suite 610
Atlanta, GA 30318

P: (404) 994-4166

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Zahra Ali Mohammed in the last week

The vet and tech are so kind. I was surprised there was no paperwork to fill out as my cats are new patients there. You just answer questions and the tech puts that info into the computer. So nice and convenient! The whole clinic smells amazing. They used Feliway spray in the private room for my cats and it really, really helped mellow them out as they hate leaving home and going to the vet. They are so gentle with all three of my kitties and they made sure to only find out exactly what tests my kitties need just to see how their organs are functioning and find out how they’re doing internally. They do have insanely good prices. I had so much stuff done on all 3 cats the same day that the number of things done, ran over onto a second page of the invoice! The price would have been through the roof if I had gone somewhere else. Soon, I’ll come back and get teeth cleaning done. I do recommend this vet hospital and I think you will not regret coming here. All you can do is give them a chance. You’re welcome to ask for price estimates up front :) .

Jessica Lyle 3 weeks ago

I had an excellent visit this morning with my pup Remy! I was so excited when I drove by last week and noticed Thrive Affordable Vet Care, so I immediately made an appointment. I have been struggling to find a good, clean, friendly, and affordable vet on the westside of Atlanta. I think I just found it! One of the most important things for me is that they allow me to book appointments online. I know that sounds silly, but so many places pretend to offer that, but they really just end up calling you while you're at work and don't actually allow you to book something online. With Thrive I was able to see all of their open time slots and pick the one that works best for me. All 4 staff members I met were extremely friendly, the office is clean, the location is convenient, and best of all it's extremely affordable! Remy and I will definitely be back!

Jackie P in the last week

Went here for kitten vaccinations. Nice office - small, but very clean and comfortable. All staff were super kind to me and my fur-child, and you will not beat their prices! Will definitely be coming here from now on.

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