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Frequently Asked Questions About THRIVE Affordable Vet Care

How is THRIVE different from other vets?

At THRIVE we offer the services, medicines, diagnostic tests and equipment that our clients need and use most often at a substantial discount. By spending our time and money delivering superior, essential care through routine exams, vaccines, illnesses, and non-emergency surgeries, we keep costs down and overhead low and pass the savings on to you. It’s our mission to continue providing quality pet care at affordable prices to eliminate lapses in routine care.

How can THRIVE offer the same quality services, medicines and vaccines for less?

We created a more streamlined business model so that we can invest in the things that matter most—the best people, protocols and medications. We never sacrifice when it comes to quality. We consistently partner with providers of the newest, quality medicines and vaccines, including the new 3 yr protocol in place now for the DHLPP/DHPP (Distemper/Parvo vaccine) and FVRCP (feline upper respiratory). We take pride in delivering quality at an affordable price.

What other services does THRIVE Affordable Vet Care offer?

At THRIVE we treat all of the most common problems dogs and cats routinely face. Check out our complete list and description of services for detailed information about the symptoms and ailments we can address. If your pet’s problem isn’t listed give us a call, we may still be able to help.

What if I just need a Pet Exam? How much is it?

Our nose-to-tail exam is just $30! If an exam reveals that your pet needs additional tests or medications, it’s our policy to provide you with an estimate in advance, no surprises. We’ll discuss every treatment option so that you can choose the highest quality, most affordable solution.

Do I need an appointment?

Appointments are recommended. But the most important thing is that your pet gets the care they need. If you’re on a really tight schedule, we do suggest calling ahead before stopping by, because some days and times might be busier than others. Even so, we’ll try to find a way to work you in so that your pet can be seen and you can move forward to deal with the rest of your day. We also offer morning drop offs, so you can leave your pet with us if you need to run errands or go to work.

Do I really need to have my pet vaccinated?

Absolutely! Proper vaccination is one of the biggest reasons pets today enjoy such long, happy lives. Without regular vaccinations, your pet can contract any one of a dozen common ailments and deadly diseases (some of which can be passed on to humans) that vaccines prevent. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

How long is my appointment going to take?

Routine exams and standard visits typically take no more than 20 minutes of your time. However, our goal is superior care, so we will devote whatever amount of time is needed to make sure your pet gets the exceptional treatment you expect, and they deserve.

What paperwork should I bring with me?

Vaccine records and medical history are very important. We don’t want to over, or under medicate a pet and records really help us avoid that. If you are visiting THIRVE for the first time and can provide a medical history, please bring that and your pet’s vaccine records with you. To save time, or If you are already a client, you can easily access your pet’s records or provide information about your pet’s medical history online.

How do I know what my pet needs?

Basically, your pet needs to start life on the right paw. Your pet needs essential care and routine exams to stay healthy. We make it a top priority to provide high quality vaccine packages so you can see just how affordable routine care can be. But in the event that your pet displays signs of some illness, we’re just a phone call away. Please call us. We’ll help determine exactly what kind of care your pet needs for the situation at hand, or based on their previous history.

When should I bring my new pet in?

As soon as possible. Even if they are not due for vaccines for a few weeks, it is important to have your new family member checked out. We can help determine if there are any health problems that might need to be addressed before being vaccinated, and what their optimum vaccine schedule should be.


Read Our Google Reviews

Brandi Templemire 3 months ago

My husband and I have a 1 year and 5 month old cat named Hobbes that had a sore lip and we were not sure what happened. He also needed his year check-up. We took Hobbes here and met Heather and she was so awesome and informative about what we needed to do and what the cost looked like and we even signed up for the membership which help us out a lot on cost. They put our minds at ease especially since we recently lost our 5 month old kitten Luna to some medical issue we were not able to identify in time and were a little concerned about taking our Hobbes to the same clinic especially since they were so costly with what they wanted to treat our little Luna for. They made us feel awful we couldn't afford some of the care they wanted us to do and they didn't want to work with us so we took our Luna home with medicine we could give her in hopes she would get better. Unfortunately our little girl just couldn't pull through. It crushed us and we are still dealing with the loss. So when we saw his sore be got very concerned and heard about Thrive and heard the cost of the membership and the benefits and thought we would give them a try because they seemed like they really wanted to help and it wasn't about the money. When we went in they were so welcoming and they made us feel better about Hobbes situation and were straight forward about the cost and what benefits the membership has and how it would help us out on cost. We are so thankful to them for working with us and not making us feel we shouldn't have a pet because of the cost of treatment like the other clinic did. We are so thankful to them. Definitely go to them if you need you pet checked out and you need help with the cost. No one should be made to feel they shouldn't have a pet because of the cost of vet bills and this place doesn't make you feel that why. They want to help your pet. Thank you so much. 😊

Rebecca Hibshman 6 months ago

Super affordable, friendly staff, caring vet!

Amanda Rendon 3 weeks ago

I LOVE THIS PLACE!! I took my dog to the Vance Jackson location and he was in for a variety of services; from a broken and torn nail, to a complete exam, vaccinations, heartworm treatments, and prescriptions to help with his recovery; and THE PRICE WAS AMAZING!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ENROLLING IN THEIR THRIVE PLUS PET CARE PROGRAM FOR JUST $10 MONTHLY! My pup has high anxiety, and I was amazed how comfortable he was from check in to his dismissal! It was impressive to see the great communication and prompt caring service received from both the Dr. and staff, especially taking great precautions during this covid 19 social distancing regulations to keep everyone safe in the process. THANK YOU DR. AMY AND STAFF FOR BEING SO GREAT WITH MY FUR BABY!! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM TO EVERYONE!

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