Freeing Vets from Debt, One Year At A Time

Learn how THRIVE helps our Vets repay their student loans. Join the journey on social media with #THRIVEFreedomPlan.

Learn More About Vet Student Debt

New Vets Graduating
in 2017


Average Student Debt
20% owe over $200k

$1.2 Trillion

Educational debt, a national concern across professions, now exceeds $1.2 trillion and surpasses national credit card debt and auto loan debt combined

THRIVE Leads the Industry

Not only has THRIVE been able to disrupt the veterinarian industry by offering quality vet care at an affordable price, but also we have led the industry in student debt repayment incentives.

THRIVE's student debt repayment plan is the best in class, which is why we only recruit the best.

Annual Distribution

Percentage of productivity is accrued annually and distributed and paid directly to the lender.

Current Qualified Payouts

Our vets are receiving $3-5K on average each year for their student loans.


Over 66% of our vets take advantage of our industry disrupting student debt repayment program.

We Love Pets. And Vets. And getting rid of Debts.

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  • “I selected THRIVE as my employer after comparing the benefits packages against several other offers. The #THRIVEFreedomPlan was a main contributor to my decision in coming on board!”
    Dr Sosa
    DVM, Austin
  • “Getting a perentage of productivity back to pay my student debt is like an extra retirement plan with immediate benefits! So thankful for the #THRIVEFreedomPlan.”
    Dr Keilor
    DVM, Eldridge
  • “The #THRIVEFreedomPlan was created to help veterinary students relieve their student debt. The more we can help our vets, the longer these vets become part of the THRIVE family.”
    Odis Pirtle

See how the #THRIVEFreedomPlan is paying back to our veterinarians!

We can't wait to give you a check. Explore #THRIVEFreedomPlan

Explore #THRIVEFreedomPlan

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