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Mary Edgerton 2 months ago

I had a very sick 13 year old cat and they treated him very carefully and gently. The doctor did blood levels and called me back the next morning to tell me my kitty was in renal failure and there was no treatment that would help. I took my Bucky back and Dr. Hardy talked to me and my daughter about what was best for Bucky. He was very gentle and talked to Bucky while he prepared him and us to cross the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge. He left the room after he injected Bucky and let us stay for a few minutes to say goodbye. I was very pleased with the doctor and the staff. They were very caring. I would recommend Thrive Vets to anyone. They were great!

Margarita Hernandez 3 months ago

Love this place I have a puppy and a Senior dog on there 10 dollars a month plan and I love it. I think this is good if you are going often to the vet. The membership pays itself in 2 visits. I haven't had the vet sell me anything I don't need. They take care of my pets very well.

S R a week ago

Just picked up prescription dog food. Quick & easy. Nice, friendly staff.

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