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Am A 3 months ago

Doctor G and the gentlemen working the front desk were amazing. I really appreciate that they are there to assist and provide you with options. Their transparent. They advised me that mostly likely I would need to get x-rays and shared the cost. After the exam, Doctor G, still offered to do the x rays, however advised that for now medication and watching my puppy for the day would be the best, unless I wanted to proceed with them. If my puppy did not get better by tomorrow, she told me I could bring her back tomorrow and then we could discuss the next steps. Thank you. I'm honestly considering changing my primary Vet because of the wonderful experience I had today.

A Pepper a week ago

Absolutely love Dr Frazee!!! Best vet in the area. Always honest and thorough and gives the most gentle care!

Sarah Cibula 4 months ago

We visited Thrive after I received a flyer for a free visit while shopping at Petco. I was pleased to get the flyer, as my dog needed his semi-annual heartworm test, but we were going to wait to go at a Vetco clinic (no exam fee). I was able to make a same-day appointment within one hour of leaving the store, so that was great. The online appointment scheduling interface was wonderful. Upon arrival, my nervous boy was greeted by kind, gentle vet techs! Before we saw the vet, however, we were informed that we needed proof of his rabies vaccine before the vet would see him--totally understandable. However, the reason for the four-star review is that we were never told we needed to bring his rabies proof with us. This is by no means the fault of the vet techs/vet at Thrive, but it was inconvenient that we had to go all the way home, send in the paperwork, and come all the way back. Again, I totally understand the reason behind the policy, however Thrive needs to inform their customers of this policy BEFORE they hike all the way over to the office without the paperwork because they weren't informed. The vet was great with our boy, so overall, a great visit. Just one policy change needed. TL;DR: Great visit! Thrive needs to inform their customers that you must bring proof of rabies to your visit!

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