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Abbie Bird a month ago

Took such great care of my babies. Very nice staff, clean office, and affordable! Charlie and Nike enjoyed their visit, and so did I!

studystudy 2 months ago

Cheapest pet exam with the fastest appointments available. Same day appointments can be made. My dog had a nail emergency and the other vet that could see her the soonest would charge me twice the amount for only 1 hour sooner of an appointment.

John Fain 3 months ago

Their reputation for friendly customer service is not exaggerated. My pet and I were warmly welcomed and guided to a clean examination room where we had to wait about 45 minutes before the doctor came in. Their explanation for the long wait was that they had booked 3 appointments at the same time as mine. I don't feel that this is fair to the pet or the owner. There was only one doctor on duty, and she couldn't see 3 patients at the same time. There seemed to be a lack of consideration of my time and the stress on my pet. However, the doctor was professional and services were rendered satisfactorily.

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